Discrimination: Woman denied house on rent for being Muslim

BENGALURU: A Muslim woman has accused two Bengaluru-based house owners of discrimination on the basis of her religion.

Heena Rehman (name changed), co-founder of an organisation, posted her experience on Facebook and Twitter complaining that the landlords allegedly refused to rent out their premises to her family when they got to know that she’s a Muslim, reported Times Of India.

“I’m denied 2 houses in Bangalore for rent for my family bcz we are Muslims. Only a fanatic & irrational Hindu house owner can judge me without even talking to me. @nestawayhomes – you were the one who did #HomesThat-DontDiscriminate campaign. It seems that it was just a gimmick!” she tweeted.

Taking on Nestaway, she asked: “Why do you even list such houses which are against your brand’s principle? Stay loyal to your customers at least. I admired you because of the courage you guys had shown by starting a company which fights discrimination.”

“What an irony that I am not finding a “house” in my own “home country”. I would like to invite more of my Hindu friends to engage in this conversation (a healthy discussion and not rant/abuse). I’m keen to understand your point of view,” she wrote.

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The post went viral, drawing support as well as criticism on social media and Twitterati and Facebook users demanding Nestaway to take appropriate action.

The online agency, responded to Heena’s tweet and regretted what she had gone through. “As a company, we stand by you. We do not condone discrimination of any sort and believe in treating everybody equally. We are off-boarding both these properties from our website, and the owners will no longer be associated with Nestaway in any manner. We would like to help you move into a house of your preference.”