Discrimination with Muslim martyr

Kashmir: Out of the 7 martyrs who were killed during the clash in Kashmir, 5 Jawans were Muslims. One of them was Mujahid Khan who hailed from Peru, Bhojpur district of Bihar. His burial was performed with military honour but neither chief minister of the state Nitish Kumar attended the funeral not sent any representative.

Even the MP Rajkumar Singh didn’t bother to attend the burial. Even the DM or SP of Bhojpur district didn’t attend the last rites. Chief Minister just sent the condolence message.

The kin of the martyr was given Rs. 5 lakh as compensation but the family returned saying that much compensation is given to those who died of poisonous liquor. They said by giving such a small amount the government has insulted the martyr who lost his life for the country. Those who doubt the patriotism of Muslims should note that out of the 7 Jawans killed 5 were Muslims.