Discovery Channel starts search for citizen heroes who want to change India for better

New Delhi: Discovery Channel, India’s leading destination for factual entertainment, has started the search for citizen heroes who want to change India for the better. Discovery channel has brought onboard ex-military specialists who will shortlist and train 10 citizen heroes, aka change agents of the society.

The shortlisted citizen heroes will feature in an atypical military based show ‘India’s Citizen Squad’ to be aired in the month of November 2018.

Guided by ex-military specialists, India’s Citizen Squad, comprising of 10 ordinary citizens, will under-go ultimate endurance boot camp – a series of intense physical and mental challenges pushing the limits of their body and mind. This is not your typical elimination driven reality show, it is a test against self to see if the mind has the will and strength to push the body to complete the challenges. The chosen India’s Citizen Squad will have to accomplish a new dare-devil mission in each episode of the show.

“There are citizens who have the courage, the strength to take a stand for what is right. Those, who don’t want to be another dim face in a silent crowd. We are looking for such heroes. The aim is to train them and make them stronger physically, mentally so that they become the change agents of the society. We need to be the change, to make the change,” said, Zulfia Waris, Vice President – Premium & Digital networks, Discovery Communications India.

“This is a golden opportunity for millions of Indians who aspire to emulate military values in everyday life and change India for the better. I am confident that we will get a positive response from across the country,” added Waris.

Major Vivek Jacob (retd), Para (Special Forces), Indian Army, who will play a key role in training India’s Citizen Squad, said, “Special Forces is about focus, grit, will, intelligence, balance, strength, endurance and a whole lot of heart. The ability to bring all of that together and focus it on one point – your dream.

To choose, focus, walk and achieve what most people don’t even dare to dream about. We are going to test you – physically, emotionally and mentally to see if you’ve got what it takes to get through a week of what we do over a life time.”

The steps for participation for the call for entry, starting August 01, are as follows:

Log on to

Upload a 60 seconds video of 20 sit ups, 20 squats and 20 push ups all in 60 seconds
Take a 5 minutes online psychographic test

Fill the detailed form and submit the responses. (ANI)