Was disappointed with offers that came my way: Neha Sharma

Mumbai: Neha Sharma is geared up for her upcoming romantic drama “Tum Bin 2”, which is touted as her comeback, and the actress says the film came after a lot of “disappointing” offers.

The 28-year-old actress made her Bollywood debut with Emraan Hashmi-starrer “Crook” in 2010 after which she was seen in films like “Youngistaan”, “Jyantabhai ki Luv Story” and “Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum”.

Neha, however, says she tried making the best out of what she was offered.

“I didn’t think they (offers) were what I truly deserved. They were not truly exciting or satisfying. I picked the best from whatever I was offered and tried doing things which would help me. It was a bit disappointing,” Neha told PTI.

“I’ve come to terms with the fact that, you are as good as your last film. That is with every actor, no matter how big or small. People tend to weigh your talent or potential on the basis of your last release.”

Neha said she doesn’t have the liberty to pick-and-choose which successful actresses have, but is extremely content with her decade-long journey in the film industry starting with her Telugu debut in 2007.

“A Vidya and a Kangana will have a hundred things to pick from which will be fantastic, but for an actor who is just beginning and hasn’t made a mark already, things will be difficult. I consider myself still an outsider. I am still trying to know how it works. It is difficult to understand how things work here but it has been a great journey,” she said.

With “Tum Bin 2”, things are looking up for Neha as there’s a good amount of buzz around the film, thanks to its successful prequel “Tum Bin”.

The 2001 release, directed by Anubhav Sinha, was a surprise hit at the box office and still has a dedicated fan following owing to its heart-touching love story and melody.

Neha says she is not nervous about people’s expectations but she wants the film to work for all the hardwork the team has put in.

“There’s no nervousness in terms of what is going to happen with the film. I’ve seen highest of highs and lows. That doesn’t bother me. But, you are nervous that you want the film, in which you’ve put in so much, to work.”

Directed by Sinha, “Tum Bin 2” also stars newcomers Ashim Gulati and Aditya Seal and is set to hit theatres on November 11.