Disappointed with HC, Najeeb’s mother to appeal to SC

New Delhi: Disappointed with the Delhi High Court which accepted CBI’s request to file a closure report in her son’s disappearance, Najeeb’s mother Fatima Nafees on Monday said she has not lost hope. Exuding faith in the Indian Constitution she announced that she would move to Supreme Court for justice.

However, Nafees strongly criticised the “shoddy” investigation by, first the Delhi Police and then by Central Bureau of Investigation, which failed to find her son even after two years of his disappearance.

Speaking to media persons following the court’s hearing, Nafees said “I am disappointed but have not lost hope. I would advise those who may be gloating over this (court’s) decision because I will not relent”.

National Herald quoted Nafees as saying, “I have full faith in the Indian Constitution… as our elders used to say that lie runs faster than the truth… however late, I will get justice.”

She accused the government, specifically against the ruling BJP of pressuring the CBI, courts and the police for the shoddy work and adverse verdict. She said, “I am not scared of anyone. BJP will see its rout soon. This won’t last long. I also appeal to all those mothers whose sons are persecuted and killed in encounters to come and stand by me, and I will stand by them.”

Nafees said she will now appeal to the Supreme Court.

JNU student Najeeb Ahmed went missing from the university nearly two years ago.