Dinesh Sharma’s test-tube baby remark for ‘Sita Mata’ brings storm in saffron camp

Lucknow: Deep anger prevails among saffron brigade over Uttar Pradesh’s Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma’s remark in which he said that Sita was a test-tube baby.

Hindu Maha Sabha and Sant Sabha termed it as misleading and insulting while Shiv Sena demanded apology warning that if he doesn’t tender an apology, a protest will be staged against him. However, BJP came forward to defend its leader and said there’s nothing wrong in the remark made by Dinesh Sharma.

Expressing deep anger over the remark, Hindu Maha Sabha and Sant Sabha national president Swami Chakrapani said it is a great insult of ‘Sita Mata’. On the other hand Shiv Sena’s Uttar Pradesh President Anil Singh asked Dinesh Sharma to apologize to Hindus, otherwise, a protest will be conducted.

It must be noted that Dinesh Sharma had said on Friday that the advanced medical procedure of test tube baby existed during the period of Ramayana. He also equated the mythological character of Narada to Google. He is quoted to have said, “People say Sita Ji was born from an earthen pot, which means at the time of Ramayana, a concept similar to test tube baby must have existed.”

Earlier Tripura chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb had also opined that internet and satellites existed during the era of the Hindu epic Mahabharata and India invented advanced technology “lakhs of years ago”.