Diggy’s comments foolish; DS asks AICC to take action

TRS MP and former APCC Chief D Srinivas today lashed out at AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh’s comments accusing the State police of encouraging ISIS modules by running a bogus website.

The TRS leaders and activists have taken up massive protests across the State against Singh’s remarks. They burnt effigies of the Congress leader in various districts and towns and shouted slogans against him. The TRS leadership demanded that the Congress high command mend him from making such meaningless remarks against the State police.

Srinivas accused Singh of making meaningless remarks and insulting the Tealngana police and the congress high command should take immediate against him. It is foolish comments that the state police is using a fake website to provoke ISIS modules he said.

“Singh should withdraw his remarks, else the State government will take severe action against the AICC leader”, Srinivas warned. He also said Singh was habituated to make false and baseless allegations and should tender an unconditional apology for insulting the government. The Congress leader has to prove the comments or face the action, he added.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is a secular leader and giving equal priority to all the sections in the State. Singh’s comments are aimed to malign the State government’s image and destroy morale of the police force, he fumed. It is not up to the stature of Singh, who was chief minister and Union minister earlier, Srinivas said. The Congress leader, he said, made cruel comments against a sensitive issue which is absolutely wrong. (NSS)