Diggy sees Talasani complicity in land scam, demands CBI probe

Alleging that Animal Husbandry Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav played a role in the Miyapur land registration scam, AICC general secretary and Telangana Congress party affairs in-charge Digvijay Singh has demanded that the State government order a CBI inquiry into the scam.

The AICC leader said the Congress has lost confidence in Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who was trying to close the issue by transferring some sub-registrars, as he was protecting political leaders on this issue.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Thursday, along with Party leaders Mallu Ravi, M Rangareddy and Laxman Goud, Digvijay asked Talasani to tender his resignation to his minister post owning responsibility in the Miyapur land scam. He also alleged that the government lands were being encroached upon with the support of officials. Asking the government about the Bhoodhan lands and how much land remained and in whose hands it was, he said the Miyapur lands too disappeared like the Bhoodhan lands.

The government left the important leaders in Miyapur land scam similar to slain gangster Nayeem, in which the government initiated action against police leaving the political leaders. He alleged that the KCR family may need a person like Talasani Srinivas Yadav to collect money. He made it clear that the Congress party has no objection if the government ordered inquiry into land scams since Congress rule.

Alleged that the TRS government totally failed in fulfilling the assurances made by it, Digvijay said that the Congress party was getting prepared for the 2019 elections and it was doing micro observation on Assembly segments. He claimed that the TRS government was in neck deep corruption and opined that he has no belief that the KCR government would conduct inquiry into Miyapur issue transparently. The facts would come out only if the government orders CBI inquiry, he said.

Opining that the media has given full hype to BJP national president Amit Shah’s visit to Telangana state, Digvijay said that there was no joining in BJP as they given an impression that there were more joining in BJP during Amith Shah visit. The BJP was trying to polarise votes using Hindu card against Muslims in Telangana. The BJP has an understanding with communal Hindu and Muslim institutions.

He said that eating habits depend on their culture even Union Minister Rijiju and Nagaland and Meghalaya BJP leaders openly stated that they eat beef. It was not correct on the part of BJP to decide people’s menu. The BJP was adopting anti-farmers policies, he said and made it clear that the Congress party would oppose the TDP inAndhra Pradesh State and there was no relevance to talk about Telangana TDP. “I don’t know what S Jaipal Reddy has spoken on alliance with TDP”, he said and opined that the Congress party would field 119 candidates in Telangana in 2019 elections.

He opined that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to come forward for a debate on unanimous election of President of India. “We are waiting for the Prime Minister’s invitation on President’s unanimous election”, he said and alleged that the BJP was trying for political gain with the publicity which states that the Muslim population would increase in case Muslim Reservations were implemented. (NSS)