Difficulties in implementing free water scheme in Hyderabad

By Mohammed Hussain Ahmed

Hyderabad: The implementation of free water scheme in Greater Hyderabad is facing many hurdles.  Telangana Rashtriya Samithi (TRS) had announced in the GHMC election manifesto to provide 20,000 liters of free waters to the residents of Greater Hyderabad.

A report says, “keeping its promise, TRS government had issued instructions.  However, the Hyderabad Metro Water Works and Sewerage Board are awaiting necessary guidelines for the implementation of the scheme.”   

Aadhaar Card

“Aadhaar Card has been made mandatory for the residents to benefit from this scheme.  Such a condition seems unacceptable to the people as they are not willing to provide Aadhaar details”, the report says.

The Telangana High Court had opposed the mandatory provision of Aadhaar details in connection with properties registration.  In view of this, it has become difficult for the government to seek Aadhaar details.  The opposition has demanded abolition of Aadhaar details and demanded that the residents be provided 20,000 liters of free water.

Water meters

The report further says, “the second hurdle for the government is the availability of the water meters.  There are more than 50% of the households in the city with no water meters.  In such a case, how can the Water Board decide the free quantity of water?  The Board authorities have intimated the difficulties in implementing the scheme to the government.” “The officials of the Hyderabad Metro Water Works’ team would leave shortly for Delhi where they review the implementation of free water scheme.  Kejriwal Government is implementing free water scheme in Delhi through ‘Delhi Jal Board’.  The team would obtain details about the scheme in order to prepare guidelines for its implementation in Greater Hyderabad.  There no date is fixed for the implementation.  It is expected, however, that it will take a month to lay down the rules and the guidelines, the report concludes.