Differently-abled woman asked to remove prosthetic limb at Mumbai airport

A 24-year-old differently-abled woman was allegedly asked to remove her jeans and shows prosthetic limb and pass it through the screening machine at Mumbai airport.

The differently-abled Antara Telang took to twitter after she felt she was discriminated against on Saturday at Mumbai airport, where one of the officials deployed for security check asked her to unbutton her pants and show her prosthetic leg. Antara Telang said she was brought to tears by the “extremely rude and insensitive” staff.


“I have flown to many other airports in India and abroad and has never been asked to remove my prosthetic leg. In other airports, hand-held explosives-trace detectors were used to scan her leg, but never at Mumbai.

Telang added that this is not the first time she faced discrimination and that repeated complaints have made no difference at Mumbai airport. “We are not looking for sympathy. But when other countries can take some steps to ensure we don’t go through a harrowing experience, why cant at Mumbai?”, asks Telang.

“I was in tears this time, I felt humiliated in the manner the officials spoke to me. My dignity was completely taken away. I was arguing with them how they could screen me without taking off my clothes. They did not listen to me. They were rude. After 45 minutes I had to give in. I had no option but to strip and walk through a public place”, said Telang.