Didn’t stop anyone from visiting Ajmer Dargah: Syed Ameen Miya

Bareli: The remark made by Sajjada Nasheen of Marhera Shareef Syed Ameen Quadri during his speech on the occasion of Urs-e-Rizvi has created a storm in social media circles. The remark is being widely condemned on social media. Newspapers have even commented that this can create differences between Quadris and Chishtis.

Meanwhile, Syed Ameen Quadri has issued a clarification in which he said that social media have distorted some parts of his speech. He said he was mentioning about a particular section of khuddam of Ajmer Dargah who are misbehaving with the devotees. They have also made offensive remarks against Sawad us Azam Ahle Sunnat Muslims and even dubbed them as non-believers (kafir).

Syed Ameen Quadri appealed the khuddam of Ajmer Dargah to correct themselves. Otherwise, if they don’t maintain the sanctity of the Dargah the devotees will be forced to pay reverence to the Holy saint from their homes itself.