“Did your Nana-Nani lay water pipes?”: PM Modi to Rahul Gandhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an election rally in Chhattisgarh served loud criticism for the Congress, accusing the party of being dynasts without concerns for development. Rahul Gandhi had earlier has accused the BJP of corruption, to which the PM Modi asked if his “grandparents” helped the state progress by laying out water pipelines.

PM Modi at an election rally in Ambikapur said “Why didn’t you do it for 100 years? You were around for four generations but why didn’t you do it? Can you answer that? Did you lay down water pipelines? Did your nana-nani, dada-dadi (grandparents) lay it down? And did Raman Singh come and destroy it? First, you give us an account of why you did not do it. Then come and ask us why we couldn’t.”

He dared the Gandhi family to make someone a party president who doesn’t belong to Gandhi family for at least five years, only then would he believe that the its icon Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru created a truly democratic system.

He said, “Congress has kept the country in the dark with their lies which are ingrained in their minds. Only a chai-wala (tea-seller) can understand the feeling of what poor people go through, not those running around abroad.”