Did Maneka Gandhi threaten Muslims during election campaign? Video goes viral

Sultanpur: Ms. Maneka Gandhi who is contesting from Sultanpur Parliamentary Constituency asked Muslims to vote BJP and claimed that she is going to win the election, however, if she wins without Muslims, things will become sour.

According to the report published in NDTV, she was delivering the speech in Turabkhani area of Sultanpur.

In the video which went viral, she can be heard saying, “I am going to win with the love and help of the people, however, if I win without Muslims, things will become sour. Later, when Muslims come for work, I will think, ‘let it be, how it is going to affect’. Everything is give and take”

It may be noted that Maneka Gandhi, who was Pilibhit MP, has swapped seats with her son Varun Gandhi, who had won Sultanpur in 2014.