DICDL invites domestic, global firms to set up biz in Dholera

Mumbai: With nearly 35 per cent of trunk infrastructure in place, the Dholera Industrial City Development (DICDL) has urged large players from the aerospace, defence and heavy goods manufacturing industries to set up their production facilities here.

DICDL, a part of the governments ambitious Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project, is expecting large companies in the space of defence and aviation maintenance, repair and operations, heavy engineering, and machinery and auto components to buy land parcel in Dholera in Gujarat.

“We are inviting domestic and global investors and businesses and offering land parcels to a multitude of industries with the goal of starting commercial production in the zone by 2019,” DICDL Managing Director Jai Prakash Shivahare said here today.

The DICDL, a joint venture between DMIC Trust and Gujarat government, has committed USD 600 million for infrastructure rollout in the activation area and construction on the site is in progress with almost 35 per cent of roads and underground utilities ready, he said.

“Dholera has been in the making for almost 9 years. Getting the development plans approved, town planning schemes sanctioned and environmental compliances took almost 7 years. Now that the planning and design is complete and construction of 5,600 acres in full swing we are certain of our 2019 completion date,” Shivahare said.

Dholera is one of the eight smart city industrial zones being developed in the first phase of DMIC with a total footprint of over 920 sq km. Infrastructure implementation in Dholera special investment region (SIR) is taking place in a phased manner with an activation area of 22.5 sq km developed in the first stage.

Other sectors the SIR is looking to attract include IT, electronics, bio-technology and food processing, having
been designed with plug-and-play infrastructure, and sustainable and green social infrastructure.

European aviation giant Airbus has signed an MoU for a strategic partnership which entails assessing the Dholera
SIR region and providing inputs on the requirements and infrastructure specifications, particularly for developing an ecosystem of suppliers for the assembly, testing, delivery and maintenance of rotary and fixed wing aircraft, including Naval utility helicopters.