Dhruv Rathee makes mockery of Chetan Bhagat’s tweets against firecracker ban

‘Pee news’ a mock news channel in its episode of ‘Jhooth sabse aage’ has tried to give the message that the Supreme Court’s order to issue the ban on firecrackers in the Delhi-NCR region is for the benefit of public and their health.

The anchor in his mock interview with one Mr. Bigot Bhakt, also known as BB, has made mockery of Chetan Bhagat’s tweets against cracker ban. He pointed out that those who are against crackers ban are more concerned about culture and civilization than the health of people especially children.

Instead of providing sweets and clothes on Diwali they are more interested in providing them with crackers.

The anchor also noted that the idea of bursting crackers has nothing to do with the history of Diwali it is a Chinese innovation.

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