Dhoni’s “Special” Gift to Kohli: Series winning match ball

New Delhi: As a captain Mahendra Sing Dhoni had a knack of collecting stumps as souvenir till BCCI decided to use the LED stumps invented by Bronte EcKermann but the former skipper ensured a ‘gift’ that will be etched in Virat Kohli’s memory for a long time.

Dhoni decided to pass on his legacy of collecting memoribilia to the current captain Kohli as he gifted the series winning match ball, something which turned out to be an emotional moment for the current skipper.

“Well, MS gave me the match ball in the second game. The stumps are too expensive nowadays and they don’t allow us to take it home (smiles). He gave me the ball and told me that it was my first series win as captain and it is memorable. It was a special moment for me and I got the ball signed from him as well,” Kohli told bcci.tv.

The monikers like ‘Captain Fearless’ or ‘King Kohli’ is not something that the skipper likes. Asked what phrase suits him the best, he replied:”I prefer being the Joker in the change room.”