Dharam Sansad likens Sabarimala to the Ayodhya issue; warns of agitation

New Delhi: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP)-led Dharam Sansad compared the ongoing controversy over women’s entry in the Sabarimala temple with the Ayodhya dispute. The Hindu religious leaders at the congregation on Thursday asked the judiciary and Kerala government to distance themselves from the traditions and beliefs of Hindus.

Likening Sabarimala to the Ayodhya issue, the religious congregation in a statement issued on Thursday said “We have come across various incidents of maligning Hindu beliefs and traditions. The Sabarimala temple of south India is one of the most recent examples of this campaign of creating an atmosphere of disrespect against the traditions of Hindu temples. The Hindu religion is capable of reforming itself with changing times and it has been doing so.”

The Live Mint has quoted RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat as saying “The court has said that if women wanted to enter the temple and, if they were stopped, then they should be given security to go inside the temple. Since nobody (women) is willing to go inside the temple that is why people are being brought from Sri Lanka and are being taken inside the temple from the rear gate.”