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Dhaka Siege: Faraz Hossain was killed after refusing to desert friends

Dhaka Siege: Faraz Hossain was killed after refusing to desert friends
Abinta Kabir, Faraaz Hossain and Tarishi Jain

Dhaka: Faraz Hossain despite being allowed to leave by the militants refused to leave the cafe when terrorists didn’t allow his friends Indian national Tarushi Jain and Abinta Kabir and was subsequently killed with other hostages.

Hossain has been allowed to leave the cafe along with hijab wearing women because of his religious identity.

But he chose to stay behind when the terrorists does not allowed his friends 19-year-old Tarushi Jain and  Abinta Kabir (who were in western clothes) to go.

Hossain paid heavy price of this refusal and was subsequently killed.

“From what I have gathered, my brother was allowed to leave. But he had gone there with his friends and didn’t want to leave them behind. So he had asked ‘what about them?’ When he was told that they couldn’t leave, he decided to stay back. Muslims are not supposed to believe in violence. He was a true Muslim which is why he stayed back and proved to be one,” Zaraif, elder brother of Faraz, was quoted as saying by Times of India.

Faraaz Hossain, a Bangladeshi and Abinta Kabir, a U.S. citizen from Miami, Florida, both students at Emory’s Oxford College campus.

Tarushi Jain, an Indian citizen studying at the University of California-Berkeley.

The terror attack gave yet another opportunity to malign Islam’s image and Muslim across the world but the sacrifice by Hossain will restore your faith in humanity.