DGCA instructs airlines to be more cautious during monsoons

New Delhi: India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), on Wednesday instructed airlines to follow set precautions during monsoon operations and warned of action in case procedures are not adhered to.

The DGCA also asserted that safety of passengers cannot be compromised at any cost.

The message to all airline groups comes after several incidents of overshoot, skidding, and hard landings were reported in recent times.

“We are extremely concerned by the recent incidents of overshoot, skidding, hard landing etc. The Airlines have been advised by way of an Air Safety Circular yesterday on precautions to be taken by air operators while planning operations during monsoons,” the message reads.

The aviation watchdog also instructed Heads of Flight Safety of the airlines to brief to pilots about the operation during adverse weather conditions.

“We have also instructed Heads of Flight Safety of the airlines to include in their safety briefings to pilots, a
n express instruction to refrain from landing with unstabilized approach while experiencing adverse weather conditions and initiate a Go-around,” it further says.

The DGCA also said that non-adherence will invite an appropriate punitive action against the violators.

“As safety cannot be compromised at any cost, all concerned are requested to strictly comply with the instructions.

Non-adherence shall invite appropriate punitive action,” the message reads.

Yesterday, a SpiceJet aircraft from Pune veered off from the runway at the Kolkata Airport, because of wet tarmac and heavy rainfall, the airline’s spokesperson had said. All passengers and crew members on board are safe, the spokesperson added. However, the aircraft suffered minor damages.

On June 30, an Air India Express plane skidded off the runway at the international airport in Karnataka’s Mangaluru. The Air India Express flight IX384 from Dubai landed at the international airport at 5:40 pm and slid off when it was proceeding on the taxiway. All the passengers on board the plane were reported safe and deplaned using a step ladder.