A device that charges mobiles via two-wheelers

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India]: An engineering student has invented a charger which can be used to charge electronic devices through two-wheelers.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate, Amam Arun asserted that he was inspired by his classmate to launch a device to be used in two-wheelers too.

Arun said, “One day my classmate came late from college and was unable to contact her family as her phone battery was drained out.

Then the idea of inventing a device came to my mind which would be able to be used riding two-wheeler.”

The engineering graduate was working for last eight months on the device and finally launched the product in the name and style of ‘Power Aid’.

“We can charge our mobile/devices on the go when there is no current in the house, ‘Power Aid’ attached on the bike will come to your rescue,” he added.

The startup has been registered with NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies) and a patent has also been filed for the technology too. (ANI)