Development without patriotism will lead to destruction: RSS

New Delhi: Development with patriotism and education with moral values can curb corruption and crimes, RSS leader Indresh Kumar on Saturday said underscoring that these were essential to deliver good governance.

“It is said that if education does not have moral value, it leads to crime and corruption and if has morals, it gives rise to ethical and progressive man.

“The kind of development which does not have patriotism, it leads to destruction. On the other hand, the one with patriotism leads to peace and harmony,” he said.

He was speaking during a symposium, organised here by Vishwagram Trust, titled “Peace, People and Possibilities in Kashmir.”

“Therefore, it must be kept in mind, that education with moral values and development with patriotism is a basic need of the country and can solve many problems,” the senior RSS functionary added.

“The government and administration always act after a crime has taken place. Only after a girl is raped or a man is killed, only then the administration comes forward to punish the criminal. Never do they work to stop the criminal. Who will stop that … Moral values and patriotism can curb corruption and crime while administration and politics can punish the criminal,” Kumar said.

He said if a country wants to tread the path of good governance and development, then it needs to have morals as well as the system to punish criminals.

“If there are no moral values then the crime world buys politicians and bureaucracy to save itself. That is why be careful.

“If you want good governance and development then both the government as well as the society need to impart moral values. Only then could crime be curbed or if a criminal has to be punished it would be ensured that the punishment is not awarded by a sold administration or politician,” he said.