Deve Gowda takes a dig at Siddaramaiah as Congress MLAs criticizes Kumaraswamy

JD(S) national president HD Deve Gowda at a party workers convention on Wednesday said that there had been attempts by Congress MLAs to insult CM HD Kumaraswamy.

While taking an indirect dig at former CM Siddaramaiah, he said that he had never made a critical remark about Congress rule in the previous five years, but some Congress MLAs often spoke in an accusatory tone against the CM Kumaraswamy.

Mr Gowda said that the JD(S) had been treating its partner well and the government was answering to requests from individual Congress MLAs, but even then they were critical of the government.

He stated that “I will not let the JD(S)-Congress coalition to break. At the same time, Congress leaders should also stop passing casual remarks on us.”

Earlier on Monday, the Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy offered to quit if the coalition partner Congress could not control its MLAs from criticizing his style of functioning.

He had said that “I am ready to quit if my style of functioning is not acceptable to anyone. The Congress must control its MLAs and resolve the issues. If they remark against me frequently in open meetings, I am willing to step down,” Kumaraswamy told the media here.

His remarks came after two Congress Ministers and a legislator alleged that no development work took place in the last seven-eight months under Kumaraswamy’s administration and claimed that former Congress Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was their leader and a better Chief Minister.

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