Detention center size of 7 soccer fields to house illegal immigrants

Guwahati: Detention Center at Matia, Assam to house persons who are declared foreigners by the Foreign Tribunals. The area of the detention center is 2.5 hectares, the size of around seven soccer fields.

According to the report published in Deccan Chronicle, Assam’s home department confirmed that the detention center is for illegal immigrant.

Details of detention center

It may be mentioned that the center will have all facilities including auditorium, kitchen, 180 toilets and washrooms. One center can accommodate 3000 people. The cost involved in construction of the center is Rs. 46 crore.

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The center will have a outer wall of 20 feet height whereas the height of inner wall will be 6 feet.

The home department clarified that the detention center will not be like regular jail. The center will have surveillance equipment.

Each rooms of the center will accommodate four to five persons.

Legal options

It may be mentioned that the persons whose names are not included in NRC can appeal in Foreign Tribunal Court.

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If they are not satisfied to the judgment of the tribunal, they can approach higher courts too.