Despite several requests, Salman couldn’t bag ‘Freaky Ali’ role

New Delhi : Superstar Salman Khan has recently revealed that he wanted to be a part of Nawazuddin Siddiqui-starrer ‘Freaky Ali,’ but despite repeated requests, the film’s director Sohail Khan chose Arbaz Khan over him.

Bollywood Bhaijaan said at the trailer launch of the movie, “I so wanted to be part of ‘FreakyAli’ but Sohail somehow wasn’t ready. I even asked him for several characters, but he took Aarbaaz not me.”

The 49-year old actor added, “This film is completed in 38 days. If I had been in the film, it would have taken 138 days.”

Arbaz Khan while speaking about his character in the film said, “I play Maqsood in the film who is a side kick. He is a gangster, a petty thief, extortionist and when Ali (Nawazuddin’s character) is in trouble, he helps him. Ali and I share up and down equation.”

‘ Freaky Ali’ is themed around golf and how a poor man becomes a game changer in a rich man’s sport. Siddiqui will play protagonist in the film.(ANI)