Despite massive protests French Government to hike fuel tax

Paris: French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Tuesday informed that the French government, regardless of protests across the country last weekend, will stay strong on its decision to raise the tax on diesel and carbon fuels.

According to Sputnik, Prime Minister Philippe told the France 2 broadcaster “The carbon tax will be kept in place. We will stick to the line that we have set”

He further added that the government understands citizens growing weary of increasing tax burden and pledged to decrease the price by the end of French President Emmanuel Macron’s term.

According to Sputnik, French Interior Minister Cristophe Castaner on Sunday informed that over 400 people suffered injuries in protests held throughout France against the hiking fuel prices. During the protests, the agitators wearing high-visibility yellow vests blocked the main transport highways, petrol stations as well as suburban supermarkets in some places.

The country has seen over 40 percent hike in diesel prices since 2017 after the French government approved the decision to raise direct tax on diesel fuel.