Despite Houthi obstacle more than 3,000 Hajj pilgrims from Yemen reached Makkah

Riyadh: Minister of Endowments and Religious Guidance in Yemen, Fuad Omar bin Ali bin Al-Sheikh Abu Baker said that more than 3000 Hajj pilgrim from Yemen reached Makkah despite Houthi obstacle. He said Saudi Authority’s efforts helped Yemeni pilgrims in reaching Makkah safely.

Minister contradicting Houthi’s claim that Kingdom has barred Yemeni pilgrims from entering, said that Saudi Arabia approved the entrance of Yemeni pilgrims into the country on Saturday.

Investors in Yemeni Hajj and Umrah Services Sector said that the number of Yemeni pilgrims expected to increase to as many as 6,000 people. Although it is expected to increase but still it is less than the predicted quota due to efforts of Houthi which restricts the freedom of movement toward the Kingdom.