Despite Amit Shah’s advice, fake news still rules: Check out the new one

GORAKHPUR: A photo-shopped image of madrasa teacher showing Islam as ‘superior’ to Hinduism has been widely shared on Facebook and Twitter.

According to India Today TV Viral Test, the fake image shows two columns below the words ‘Hinduism’ and ‘Islam’ with , yoga, ‘janeu’ and ‘mangasutra’ in first colunm marked with crosses whereas the sceond column has tick marks for ‘halala’, ‘khatna’ and ‘burqa.’

The doctored image with message इन सुअरों द्वारा ये शिक्षा दी जाती है मदरसों में..फिर कहते हैं हिन्दू भाईचारा नही रखते Hinduism -0 and Islam -3 (These pigs teach this in the madrasas .. Then they say Hindus don’t keep the brotherhood Hinduism -0 and Islam -3 ) was available on several Facebook pages named WE SUPPORT NARENDRA MODI, which has more than 28 lakh members.

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The original photograph was taken at a Madrasa named Darul Uloom Husseini in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur and the man standing beside the blackboard is teaching its students Sanskrit.

The story of students of Gorakhpur’s madrasa learning and enjoying ‘Sanskrit’ as a subject was reported on 10 April, 2018 by many news organisations including ANI news agency. It also had a video that shows teaches its students Sanskrit as a subject in its curriculum among many other subjects.

Here is the original video: