Deserted by co- passengers, burqa clad woman finds companion at last

This act of kindness reminds us that good people still exists in the world.

A Muslim woman in niqab was surrounded by empty seats as commuters refused to sit beside her; a scene seems to be something immoral and awful.

But an unexpected and small act of kindness by commuter Dante Jamie Coyne, from Woking surprised others who intervened and sit next to her on the Monday morning train and went over to take a seat.

He wrote on Facebook about an encounter with a Muslim woman which has now been liked more than 44,000 times, according to a report published in Dailymail.


Dante posted on Facebook: ‘Now everyone who knows me can fully support I joke about pretty much anything and everything, I do not offend intentionally and I would never make someone uncomfortable on purpose.

‘I jump on a busy train this morning and everyone made it beyond obvious they would not sit in this section of 6 seats, I loudly announced “I’ll sit here then” and took my seat.

‘We said nothing the entire journey but as she got off train she nodded at me and heard a very quiet “thank you”.

‘Guys don’t be so judgmental.’

His status included the ‪#‎DontJudgeByTheBooksCover‬ which has also been shared over 4,000 times.

This act struck a chord with many people and the status posted on Monday, which has 44,107 likes and comments from women with similar stories.

One woman wrote: ‘I get the same when I wear my hijab.’

The others felt Jamie was a great gentleman for his gesture and one posted: ‘Thank you for making someone’s day a little easier.’

Jamie was overwhelmed by the attention which sparked the social media.

He expresses gratitude to the people who had got in touch and said: ‘I hope in time I see others do this more often.’