Deprived of govt schemes, private teachers under stress

Bhainsa: The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the education sector. Due to the closure of the educational institutions the financial situation of the private teachers gone from bad to worse.

To mitigate the teachers’ financial woes, the state government introduce a “Cash and Rice Scheme” whereby an amount of Rs.2,000 and 25 kgs rice shall be given to the teachers.

Around 2,06,345 applications were received throughout the state out of which 1,53,525 were techers and 52,820 were non teaching staff.

After various inquiries, the government declared 1,24,684 applicants eligible among them 1,12,048 teaching and 12,636 non-teaching staff.

The Government rejected 81,661 applicants which caused a great deal of anxiety among those teachers who were rejected to get the government relief.

“These rejected teachers are forced to visit schools and the government departments daily,” said Mujahid Ahmed Faraz, spokesperson of TPTF during a press conference. “Unable to get any concrete reply from the Government these teachers are suffering from anguish and anxiety.”

Mohammed Irfan Ahmed, Vice District Chairman, and Syed Arshad Ali Joint Secretary TPTF urged the Government not to deprive these teaching and nonteaching staff from the scheme. They also urged the government to include “Vidya Volunteers” in the scheme.

They said that the cash being given is insufficient which must be increased from Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000. The private teachers must be exempted from paying house tax and the light bill. They must also be given a free health card.