Depressive symptoms, extreme blood pressure increase stroke risk, says Indian Scientist

Washington: An Indian scientist working with the University of Glasgow has said that patients with a combination of depression and high or low blood pressure have the higher risk of suffering from a stroke.

According to Bhautesh Jani, in the study, which included 35 537 community dwelling patients with existing heart disease, diabetes or stroke, depression was assessed using the hospital anxiety and depression score (HADS-D).

During the four year follow up period 3 939 patients had a least one major harmful event.

The study found that the risk of further stroke or heart attack, heart failure or dying due to heart disease at four years was 83 percent higher in depressed patients with high blood pressure and 36 percent higher in depressed patients with low blood pressure, compared to those with normal blood pressure and no depressive symptoms.

Jani added that the findings suggested focusing resources on monitoring blood pressure and providing treatment in patients with associated depressive symptoms could improve health outcomes by reducing the risk of further strokes or heart attacks, having heart failure or dying from heart disease.

He further said that they also indicated that patients with high or low blood pressure might benefit from screening and treatment for depression. (ANI)