Depp’s pale look leaves fans concerned

Los Angeles: Johnny Depp fans are concerned about his health after the Hollywood star appeared frail and ill in some of his recent photographs that surfaced online over the weekend.

Depp posed with fans at a Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, last week, looking visibly thinner than in previous appearances, reports

“I think my hero looks ill,” one user commented on Facebook of the shared fan photograph.

Other comments included, “He looks thin” and “F**k me is that Johnny Depp?”

The actor was in Russia for a performance with his band the Hollywood Vampires.

Earlier in the week, Depp posed for fan photos in Moscow, donning sunglasses and a hat. The image also provoked concern in comment sections, where users described the actor as appearing “sick”, “weak” and “skinny”.

Depp has been in the headlines in the past year due to legal disputes, including one with his former management company. In 2017, Depp also faced divorce proceedings from actress Amber Heard after she accused him of physical abuse.