Depp slams allegations of psychological issues

Los Angeles: Actor Johnny Depp, who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with his former management team, has slammed allegations that he has “compulsive spending disorder” and “psychological issues”.

The “Black Mass” actor has demanded that allegations he has “psychological issues” and a “compulsive spending disorder” be stricken from the $25 million lawsuit, reports

Earleir, Depp claimed that the group mishandled his funds and allowed him to spend his money to the brink of financial crisis.

The management team then counter-sued him, insisting that Depp spent years enjoying absurdly lavish lifestyle while pointing out his massive collection of antique cars and habit of spending $30,000 a month only on wine.

The group later disclosed information they learned while working with Depp and used it against him.

Depp has accused his former financial advisers of adding “irrelevant and improper” statements, which are “inflammatory material” to their suit only to “viciously attack” him in the public sphere.