Deoria: Shelter girls fed drugs before sending to sex

Deoria: Shelter girls fed drugs before sending to sex

Deoria: According to witness statements recorded by the police, the minor inmates of MaaVindhyavasiniMahila and BalikaSanrakshanGriha of Deoria District (UP) used to be drugged before they sent to entertain ‘Powerful guest’.

The scandal came to light when an 11-year-old inmate managed to flew from the shelter home. Another inmate, in her statement said, the owner of the home, Girija Tripathi, allegedly fed the girls drugs before sending them for sex in return of money.

This disclosure, however, doesn’t figure in the statement recorded by Deoria police under 161 CrPC, nor in the one recorded under 164 CrPC before a magistrate.

The girl said in her startling disclosure to the cops, “Hum logon ko ladko ke paas bhejne se pehle who humko koi dawa khilati thi. Unka kehna tha iss dawa se tum logo ko dard nahi hoga.”

Another 12-year-old girl has told that she had been staying in that shelter home for only five months but she had been sent to Gorakhpur at least five-six times in a month.

The Allahabad high court, had sought safe custody of four victims at different institutions across Uttar Pradesh. The SIT has so far slapped charges of human trafficking against Girija and five other people.