Denzel Washington reunion was awesome: Ethan Hawke

London: Ethan Hawke can’t get enough of working with Denzel Washington, citing their scene together in “The Magnificent Seven” as one of the favourites of his career.

The two actors first joined forces in 2001’s “Training Day”, so were thrilled to reunite for the upcoming western crime movie, a remake of the 1960 western about seven men who save a village from thieves.

Although the whole cast is impressive, with Chris Pratt and Peter Sarsgaard also starring, Hawke said his brief encounter with Washington topped everything else.

“It was awesome. Are you kidding? It was so fantastic to be on set with Denzel and (director) Antoine (Fuqua, who also directed Training Day) again, and also to not be doing Training Day 2, but to do something completely unique and different.

“Denzel and I have one scene in The Magnificent Seven that’s one of my favourites that I filmed. And it was great to be on set with Antoine. I did Brooklyn’s Finest with him as well. I love working with him. He’s got a huge
anti-authority streak. He makes really heartfelt, powerful movies that really come from his gut.”