Denied in RS, Tendulkar raises his voice on Facebook

NEW DELHI: After denied opportunity in Rajya Sabha to deliver his maiden speech on Thursday, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar on Friday took to Facebook to spread message of a healthy India.

In a 15-minute video, the cricketing legend deliver his message to the people of the country.

Here is what Sachin said:

Tendulkar talked about, “There are many pressing matters in our country which require our attention – economic growth, poverty, food security, health care among many others. Being a sportsman, I am going to talk on sports, health and fitness of India for it has a telling impact on our economy. My vision is a healthy and fit India,” said Tendulkar.

“India is set to emerge as the youngest average age nation in the world by 2020. So the assumption is that young is fit. But we are wrong. We are the diabetic capital of the world with over 75 million people being affected by this desease. And when it comes to obesity, we are sitting at number three in the world. The economic burden of these deseases will not allow our nation to progress.”

“According to a UN report, the impact on the Indian economy of non-communicable diseases from 2012-2030 will be 6.3 trillion US Dollars which is Rs 4,00,00,000 crore. Yes, you heard that right. But we can get this number down. If we all try to stay fit, exercise or play a sport, a lot of this can change. But for that, we need a plan to help us become a sporting nation,” added Tendulkar.