Denied permission to marry a Muslim, Ex-Army officer’s daughter indulges into ISIS material to tease parents

New Delhi: In a major revelation, the daughter of a former Lieutenant Colonel, about whom her father had alerted the Intelligence Bureau recently over suspicion that she was planning to join the IS, had only pretended to be radicalised with the intention to spite her parents, a report has claimed.

According to a report in TOI, it was a normal love affair story between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl. The 25-year-old graduate from Delhi University had fallen in love with a Mumbai-based Muslim man while in Australia for higher studies but their relationship was rejected by the girl’s parents.

Therefore, she got enraged over the rejection so much that she started surfing the websites containing IS activities and reading up on Islam on the internet in general despite not having any interest in its ideology, the girl told IB officials.

During the investigation, the woman further told IB officials that it was her boyfriend who instigated her in the act and shared a lot of material with her.

IB officers termed the girl as pious in the matter and “suspect that the boy might be in touch with people either associated with IS or other outfits”, the daily reported.

The Intelligence Agencies are now in touch with Australian authorities to gain more knowledge about this youth.