Denied an ambulance, youth forced to carry father’s body in hand cart

New Delhi: A youth had to carry his father’s body in a hand cart as he was allegedly refused a vehicle by the district hospital to take the body home in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit town.

A video showing Suraj, who is a labourer belonging to Madinashah locality, carrying the body of his 70-year-old father Tulsiram who died in the district hospital on Friday, in a hand cart went viral in the social media on Saturday.

Suraj claimed that he had rushed his father on a private vehicle to the government hospital around 8 AM but was told to wait for an hour and half before the doctors attended to the patient.

According to the death certificate issued by the hospital, the deceased was admitted at 9.40 AM and he died at 11 AM.

“The hospital staff then asked me to take away the body and said that no vehicle was available for taking the body home,” Suraj claimed, adding that he was left with no other option but to arrange a hand cart.

Suraj alleged that he had made several phone calls to get an ambulance for taking his father to hospital in the morning but to no avail.

The superintendent of district hospital Dr RC Sharma when contacted, however, said that he was not contacted by the family of any deceased for the vehicle for carrying the body.

The District Magistrate Masoom Ali Sarwar has said he will order an inquiry if a complaint is made to him in this regard.

Similar videos of a man carrying his dead wife in Odisha and patients being carried by their family members in Uttar Pradesh have been viral on the social media in the recent past.