UP: Denied ambulance, family carries corpse for postmortem on rickshaw

Banda (Uttar Pradesh): Another incident of apathy towards the poor has come to the fore, where a corpse was carried around the city in an open rickshaw as an ambulance was denied to the bereaved family.

As per the local police, the body was found on the railway track near Atra Station.

The deceased has been identified as Ramasare.

The Government Railway Police (GRP) had called few hospitals for ambulance service but no one was ready to carry the corpse to the hospital.

Following which the relatives had to carry the body to the city hospital in rickshaw for postmortem.

What highlights the severity of the terrible condition is that the a Government Railway Police (GRP) constable followed the family in an e-rickshaw, as there was no other means of transportation.

Moreover, on the way, they passed Superintendent of Police’s (SP) House, Deputy inspector general of police (DIG) Office, Housing, Commissioner House, Police Line, Commissioner and many VIP areas, but no one paid any attention to this grieving family and their plight.

GRP, Sepak Diwakar Singh said, “After getting no response from any of the hospital, we advised the family to take the body for post mortem in a rickshaw.”