Dengue is not lethal: Lakshma Reddy

Health Minister, Dr C Lakshma Reddy today stated that Dengue is not a deadly fever and can be treated. In a statement here the minister said that though the disease or fever is spotted in some areas it is under control and no need of panic. He exhorted the people to not get horrified at misinformation campaign by some private hospitals with vested interests. He said that only two deaths were caused due to dengue in Khammam district and others due to cardiac arrest, road accident, kidney failure and others.

Along with local Minister Tummala Nageshwar Rao I have toured in Khammam and took steps to prevent the disease from spreading. The State Government is prepared to take on the Dengue fever and contain its spread he said. All the hospitals and area hospitals and primary health centers are well equipped with medicines and staff to address the problem he claimed. We used to see the spread of such fevers during previous governments. However, the officials took preventive measures by conducting tests to those are taken ill. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is determined to see that no dengue deaths are reported through timely and proper treatment. At his directive the officials were asked to take all measures to address the problems in agency areas like Eturu Nagaram, Utnoor, Bhadrachalam and Nallamala areas.

Through campaign we created awareness among people in local areas who should not believe in bad propaganda he said. Efforts are on to contain the spread of dengue and other contagious diseases and viral fevers he claimed. Special teams of doctors were pressed to affected and other agency areas to take care of the patients, the minister said. (NSS)