Dengue fear grips Hyderabad

Hyderabad: With viral fevers continue to hound the city there was “panic” among patients visiting the hospitals. Dengue is tightening its grip on Telangana State. The spurt in dengue and fever cases has exposed the lack of preparedness and negligence of Health Department. If the situation continues further the attitude of health department and district administration may land the government into trouble.

It is said that 200 patients suffering from dengue and over 800 patients suffering from viral fever hospital rushed to Fever Hospital so far. But they are not getting required facilities in the government hospitals hence they are forced to move to corporate hospitals.

Dengue is common among children and youth aged between 4 to 20 years and people have to shell out thousands of rupees for its treatment. Complete treatment is not done in government hospitals due to paucity of staff and lack of medicines. Fever hospital has no place for the patients hence they are being shifted to corporate hospitals.

Siasat report