Demonetisation: TDP MP dons unique attire to highlight poor’s

New Delhi: TDP MP Naramalli Shivprasad today chose a unique way to highlight the problems of the common man due to demonetisation when he came to Parliament donning an attire with pictures of wailing farmers on one side and rich people on the other.

The Chittoor MP’s dress was split vertically with a white part having pictures of a wailing farmer and a worker while the other portion in black showed rich people rejoicing.

“I want to say that people with black money are enjoying while farmers, workers and common men are suffering due to the demonetisation,” he said outside Parliament.

When pointed out that his party was supporting the government’s demonetisation move, Sivaprasad said, “I am highlighting the problems of the common man and requesting the Prime Minister to help the poor people.