Demonetisation: only scheme by which Muslims are least affected: Mohammed Saleem

Hyderabad: Although common people and businesses are largely affected by the move taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi but if we see the other aspect of the decision, it is the only scheme of the government which has least affected the Muslims. Addressing the meeting of Jamiat Quraish, Mr. Mohammed Saleem told this.

Several laws and decision were taken earlier by the government which directly affected Muslims however it is the only scheme which did not troubled Muslims very much. Agricultural Land Ceiling Act, Urban Land Ceiling Act, Jageer Abolition Act, all these were directly targeted towards Muslims and Muslims suffered a huge loss due to them. But present demonetisation move have only affected less than 5 pc of the Muslim population, claimed Mr. Saleem.

In general majority community is the worst affected due to this. He said 5 cr people dependent on cattle and meat industry faced the maximum brunt due to demonetisation. He lamented that already farmers and businessmen were worried due to decision taken by Maharashtra government decision. Slamming Prime Minister Narendra Modi he declared demonetisation move as autocratic and imprudent. He told that common man was landed into trouble in the name of curbing black money while not a single rupee was brought back from foreign countries.

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