Demonetisation: Common man’s anger stopping BJP from having a discussion, says Congress

Karnataka [India]: The Congress Party on Tuesday said the government is avoiding a discussion on demonetisation in parliament till the anger of the common subsides.

“They want to avoid a discussion in parliament till the time the anger of the common man melts down. That is why they are trying to delay it,” Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge told ANI.

Kharge said the government wants to hide its mistakes from the people and doesn’t want to be exposed in parliament.

“It is not us, but they (ruling party) who are stopping the debate from taking place. They do not want their mistakes to be counted in parliament and want to hide their mistakes from the people. That is why they are delaying debate in parliament,” he said.

Kharge said the opposition has been ready for a debate since the beginning.

“On Friday, when the parliament began, we were ready for the discussion but members of the ruling party created a chaos. So, the obstruction in the debate was held by the people of BJP, and not by us” he said.

Kharge said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not ready to listen.

“Prime Minister gives numerous speeches outside. He should come in parliament and discuss. We want him to listen to us and then reply, but he is not ready to listen,” he said.

“In order to prove his wrong things right, he is speaking outside parliament because, if he speaks something misleading in parliament, it will lead to a privilege (motion) against him,” he added. (ANI)