Democracy is the reason Indian Muslims did not fall prey to Terrorism, says Union Minister Akbar

New Delhi: Ever since India got its independence, the nation has been striving to remain a democratic and a secular nation.

Over the past seven decades, the constitution that has provided the democracy, equality to the Indian Muslims is the reason why this community has not fallen prey to Islamist violence says Union Minister MJ Akbar, Indian Express reported.

He was addressing the seminar on ‘Tackling Insurgent Ideologies’ organized by the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi.

The Minister of State for External Affairs said that the ideals on which the constitution has been made, i.e the ideas of democracy, gender equality, gender empowerment and economic equity are the answers to the ideology of terrorism.

“Today, the reason why Indian Muslims are not falling victim to the temptation of Islamist violence is that. And I hope I am not wrong in saying, that Indian Muslims are the only Muslims in the world who have enjoyed seven decades of sustained democracy,” Akbar said.