Demi Lovato still not well enough to discuss rehabilitation

Washington: Hollywood singer Demi Lovato is still hospitalised owing to drug overdose and is in no condition to talk about her rehabilitation process.

TMZ reports that rehabilitation is something her friends and family want since she has been struggling with drug abuse for a long time.

Although she is recuperating well with visits from her family and her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, she still has to heal from extreme nausea and high fever.

Doctors still haven’t made any announcement about discharging the singer as she is yet to recover, which is why Demi’s family is yet bring up the subject of rehabilitation as they want her to recuperate completely.

The last time she went to rehabilitation was back in 2010.

In March, the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ singer celebrated six years of sobriety.

Lovato is well known for her struggle with substance abuse for years, and recently she gave fans a sneak peek into her life when she talked about her struggles with addiction in the documentary- ‘Simply Complicated’.

On a related note, the American singer’s upcoming concert in Atlantic City has been cancelled in the wake of her hospitalisation.