Demands to Justice with State Minority Commission

Various voluntary organizations held a protest meeting at Press Club Somajiguda against the shifting of the office of Minorities Commission in a two bedroom flat. President of Democratic Alliance, Dr. K. Chiranjeevi told that it is very humiliating that the office of Minorities Commission was shifted overnight in a two bedroom flat forcibly. It amounts to playing with the sentiments of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Parsis. The claims of State Govt. that it is pro-minorities have been exposed. Noted historian, Capt. Pandu Ranga Reddy told that the shifting of the office is regrettable. He further told that the beautiful buildings of the city of Hyderabad like Raj Bhavan, Assembly, OU, Osmania Hospital etc. were constructed during the Asif Jahi period. Govt. of Telangana forgot all the election promises made to Muslim community. The promise of 12% reservation to Muslims is still pending. Major SGM Qadri told that Minorities Commission is the only institution which has legal powers. Maulana Hamid Mohammed Khan told that Muslims faced humiliation due to the monopoly of non-local officials. Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khalid of MBT told that the step – motherly treatment of the Govt. is not a new thing. He pointed out that late Mr. Qureshi, Mr. L. Ravi Chandra Advocate and now Mr. Abid Rasool Khan have been targeted since these persons were exposing the lacunae in the implementation of Govt. policies for minorities. (Photo: Zabi)