Demand to take back Nobel Prize from Myanmar’s Suu Kyi – Protest meeting held at Exhibition Ground

Hyderabad: Peace loving citizens of India demanded to take back Nobel Prize from Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi who is keeping quiet on the killing of Rohingya Muslims. Govt. of India should express its solidarity with Rohingya Muslims in General Assembly of UNO. These thoughts were expressed by Maulana Hamid Mohammed Khan, Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami at an all-party protest meeting held at Exhibition Ground on Sunday.

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Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Opposition leader of Congress in Telangana Legislative Council, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir, National Secretary of CPI, Mr. S. Sudhakar Reddy, former CPI MP Of Rajya Sabha, Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha, Maulana Jafar Pasha and others participated in the protest meeting. A large number of people attended the meeting.

In his presidential address, Maulana Hamid Mohammed Khan applauded the efforts and decision of President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and said that he is the only iron man who has come forward as a Messiah for the Rohingya Muslims. The conspiracies to victimize them have been going on for a long time. In 1948 Burma became an independent country and in 1962 military govt. took over the country. He further said that Muslim Ulema were forced to eat pork in Rakhine and when they refused, they were murdered. He also told that Masajid are being burnt in Myanmar. On 25th August 2017, genocide started once against and 400 unarmed Muslims were killed. The sorrowful matter is that PM Modi was present in Myanmar. He appealed to the Govt. of India to follow the ancient traditions and raise its voice against these atrocities.

Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali in his address informed that he contacted Central Minister for Minorities Affairs, Mr. Naqvi and External Affairs Minister, Ms. Sushma Swaraj and requested them to take suitable steps to stop these atrocities. He further told that when he showed the photographs of the Rohingya Muslims to CM of Telangana, Mr. KCR, he was perturbed and instructed him to meet the Ambassador of Myanmar and make a representation. He told that representation would be made to Govt. of India to accommodate refugees from Myanmar.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir targeted PM Modi and said that by keeping quiet, Modi has tarnished the image of ancient Indian tradition. He informed that during Congress regime, Govt. of India permitted refugees from Myanmar but today’s government is making a conspiracy to stop it.

Comrade Sudhakar Reddy told that his party is with Rohingya Muslims. He condemned the foreign policy of BJP Govt. He appealed to the Govt. of India to take up this issue in General Assembly of UNO.

Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha told that if Govt. of India decides to send back Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar, the Muslims of India will not keep quiet.

After the meeting, a prayer was held to support them. A signature campaign was also launched.

–Siasat News