Demand of proof of surgical strikes unjustified: BJP

Srinagar: BJP today condemned the demands for proof of surgical strikes carried out by the Army in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, terming them “unjustified”.

BJP state spokesperson Anil Gupta lashed out at Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam, who had questioned the veracity of the strikes, as well as Digvijaya Singh, and urged the party leadership to rein in such “loose cannons”.

He also hit out at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who had asked the Prime Minister to release proof to expose Pakistani propaganda, calling him “self-serving”.

He said such politicians have damaged the morale of the Armed forces and hurt the pride of all patriotic Indians.

“These politicians are ignorant of national security matters and raise issues at the behest of inimical agencies with the purported aim of embarrassing the government but this time they have crossed the Laxman Rekha by involving the valiant Indian Army,” Gupta, a retired Brigadier, said.

“Why should we assist the enemy by providing valuable inputs through release of the videos? These videos are recorded through drones/satellites for carrying out post-strike damage assessment and contain valuable information”, he added.

He said exposing the identity of soldiers who took part in the mission would endanger their lives.

“Army does not indulge in photography, videography or selfies for self-glorification,” said Gupta.

“War fighting is a serious business and it seriousness should be understood by these few self-seeking politicians” he said.