Dell agree to establish their data center in AP: Naidu

Hyderabad: Noted IT Company, Dell has agreed in principle to setup a data center in A.P. It was disclosed by CM of A.P., Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu. During his visit to US, Mr. Naidu had detailed discussions with Mr. Srikant Satya, the representative of Dell.

Mr. Naidu later went to Gandhi statue in Dallas and garlanded it. He paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi. He also contacted the director of BELL Helicopter Company and apprised him of the opportunities in A.P. He told that any company which invests more than 75 million dollars will have the opportunity to avail of ‘Tailor made policy’. He requested the management of BELL to send their representative to AP.

Mr. Naidu also met the representatives of 28 IT companies and apprised them of the opportunities of starting their industrial units in AP. It is expected that at the initial stages, 310 vacancies in Vishakhapatnam and 65 vacancies in Amaravati could be generated.

–Siasat News