Delhiites can soon register their properties online

NEW DELHI: Delhi may soon become the first state to start an online facility for property registration, rent agreement and power of attorney.

Revenue Department of the government has started a trial run of the software and within two or three months, the project will be launched.

According to the department, at present, there is no online property registration facility in India and Delhi will be first state to launch the project.

After the launch of project, people won’t need to go to sub-registrar office for registering their property and rent agreement.

“We are developing a software through which people can register their properties online by visiting department’ website. Rent agreement, power of attorney and other such documentation work will also come under this project,” Divisional Commissioner Ashwani Kumar told PTI.

Kumar said that a person buying property can fill up a form to be available on department’s website and submit all required details, including details of the seller.

“Under the project, buyers will be provided with the facility of paying the registration fee online.He or she can also pay stamp duty from home or office. After depositing the form, buyer can print out the sale deed for future record,” Kumar also said.

The Divisional Commissioner said buyers having digitized signature won’t need to go to sub-registrar office after launching the project.

According to the department, existing system under which buyers and sellers have to physically visit registrar office, pay stamp duty and physically submit details will also continue.